How to choose the best nicotine strength

Here is a helpful guide for choosing the right nicotine level.
Recommended Strength Type of Smoker Packs per Day Throat Hit
(XX) Double Extra Strength (5.4%) Heavy Smokers 2.5 or more Very Harsh
(X) Extra Strength (3.6%) Above Average Smokers 2 to 2.5 Harsh
(F) Full Strength (2.4%) Average Smokers 1 to 2 Stout
(L) Light Strength (1.6%) Light Smokers Up to 1 pack Moderate
(UL) Ultra Light Strength (0.8%) Very Light Smokers 1 pack per week or less Very Mild
(NF) Nicotine Free Occasional/Casual Smokers 1 pack per week or less None
Other basic information to consider when choosing the nicotine strength:
Choosing the right nicotine strength of your e cigarette
Your current smoking style will help determine which herb vape pen is right for you. Take into consideration the type of smoker you are. Typically, most smokers fit into one of the following categories:

· Heavy Smokers – 2.5 packs or more per day
· Above Average Smokers – Between 2 and 2.5 packs per day
· Average Smokers – Between 1 to 2 packs per day
· Light Smokers – Up to 1 pack per day
· Very Light Smokers – 1 pack per week or less
· Occasional/Casual Smokers – 1 pack per week or less

The ideal strength, or amount of nicotine in an dry herb vape cartridge, should match how frequently you smoke. For people who generally smoke a pack – two packs per day, the middle of the strength spectrum is a good place to start. This is considered Full Strength and provides 2.4% NBV (Nicotine By Volume).

If you are new to White Cloud products, you might find that a trial run with a disposable electronic cigarette (Fling Original) is the best introduction. The soft-tipped, full-flavored Fling provides you with all of the satisfaction of our Cirrus electronic cigarette but doesn’t require charging. It provides about the same amount of nicotine vapor as 40 regular cigarettes. This gives you the chance to discover which flavor and strength combination best suits you.

We generally state that our vape pen for weed cartridges and Fling Original are equivalent to about 2 packs of cigarettes or 400 puffs*. Please bear in mind that this estimate is relative to one’s usage of the cartridges and not the individual smoker or their nicotine craving. If you find yourself exhausting cartridges more frequently than the comparable number of …