Flavorful, Easy to Use Green Smoke Cartomizers

Green Smoke Cartomizers revolutionized the pax vapor market by combining the cartridge and atomizer into one single unit. Back in the day, e-cigs were constructed with a separate heating element and cartridge for holding liquid nicotine, which often resulted in a messy and time-consuming assembly. With the 1-piece design of the Green Smoke Cartomizers, you simply pop in a cartridge, enjoy up to 360 satisfying puffs, and dispose when the pot vaporizer thins out and starts to taste like burnt paper.

Inside each Green Smoke cartomizer are four primary ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and flavoring. Zero strength cartomizers do not contain any nicotine.

You can pull up to 360 puffs from each FlavorMax™ cartomizer, which is equivalent to around 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes.

Green Smoke cartomizers are currently available in seven great flavors: Absolute Tobacco, Tobacco Red Label, Tobacco Gold, Menthol Ice, Smooth Chocolate, Mocha Mist, and Vanilla Dreams. You can sample five different flavors if you order the variety pack.

E-smokers love Green Smoke for its realistic taste and vapor. Absolute Tobacco offers the bold, sweet taste of natural tobacco. Red Label is similar to Marlboro Reds. Tobacco Gold is a rich blend of Burley, Oriental, and Virginia tobacco flavors with a rich, sweet cigar taste. Menthol Ice has a very strong, refreshing, mint taste. Chocoholics will love the Green Smoke Chocolate flavor, which is comparable to a Hershey’s bar. Your morning cup will be more enjoyable with a Green Smoke Mocha drag.

If you’re trying out electronic cigarettes to hopefully kick the habit, Green Smoke is a great way to accomplish that. FlavorMax cartomizers come in five nicotine strengths: Strong (2.4%), Full (1.8%), Light (1.2%), Ultra Light (.6%), and Zero. Start from strong or full and take a step down until you reach zero nicotine.…

E-Cigarette Price As always You Get What You Pay For

Now that the worldwide herb vape pen market is a multi-billion dollar industry, it’s inevitable new players will keep entering the sector until it reaches a point of saturation. Even big tobacco companies like BAT, Reynolds and Lorillard have now taken a foothold in the industry. But remember this: when it comes to your e-cigarette price, you get what you pay for.

With any consumer product, the retail price is directly tied to:

overall quality and manufacturing craftsmanship
the extent of marketing and advertising
the cost of developing a brand and maintaining brand loyalty.
E cig Advantages
Generic products are usually less expensive than brand name products because their business strategy does not include the factors listed above. Users who insist on paying as little as possible will always end up purchasing the lowest quality products.

Manufacturing Quality Is Important
At herb vape pen, we believe manufacturing quality is of utmost importance. We know it’s often difficult for tobacco users to consider making the switch to e-cigarettes due to a fear that the experience will not be nearly as enjoyable. Providing our customers with e-cigarettes that are poorly manufactured would only reinforce that fear.

We believe it is far better to invest a little more in quality manufacturing, even if that means our prices need to be slightly higher. We know that a customer purchasing one of our e-cigarettes is getting a product that will work as advertised, right out-of-the-box. Our loyal customers have come to depend on us for that very reason.

Brand Loyalty
One of the results of manufacturing a high-quality vape pen cigarette is the benefit of building brand loyalty. You can see this in action by visiting the website of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA). On their website you will likely notice that E cig is included among the brands listed as founders of that organization.

Our name is there because we are one of the organization’s founding members. Along with other ECITA members, our products are routinely subjected to independent UK lab testing for quality and safety; this is one of the secrets to finding the best e-cig products on the market. Look for those brands whose manufacturers are members of reputable organizations like ECITA, or its American equivalent, the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA).

Smoking Facts 1
E-Cigarette Price Versus Tobacco
As long as we are talking about e-cigarette prices, it …

E-Cigarettes at the Office – Whats the right protocol

In the salad days of the e-cig boom, nearly every vaper and vaping company boasted about our rights to “smoke wherever you want, whenever you want.”

Thanks to some notable bans and regulations, we all know this is no longer the case. But perhaps one place that has benefited from e-cig use during the workday is the standard office environment, even if they aren’t yet embracing e-cigs en masse.

As of this writing, 28 states have banned smoking in workplaces, but only three have gone on to officially include e-cigarettes in those bans. For the rest, it’s up to individual employers to determine how to handle this situation.

As an employee who vapes, I know that I am considerably more productive having the ability to vape in the office, and not spending 10 minutes of every hour outside, exposed to whatever weather comes around.

The counterpoint is the presence of vapor in enclosed spaces. While we know it’s harmless, dissipating vapor, others might be put off by wafts of what they consider to be “smoke.” It’s an ongoing debate, and one that isn’t likely to be settled until the public receives proper education on what e-cigs are, and more importantly, what they’re made of.

Many large corporations tend to take a staunch anti-e-cigarette stance. Walmart includes e-cigarettes in their tobacco bans and does not allow vaping anywhere in their stores or offices. The same is true for similarly sized corporations like Starbucks.

Walmart’s policy is to treat e-cigarettes just like tobacco cigarettes, despite the fact that e-cigs are not tobacco products only sharing nicotine in common. (It should be noted, Walmart provides employees with free nicotine patches and gums when they want to stop smoking. But those aren’t always a good option for people with sensitivities.)

In more extreme cases, companies are imposing penalties on employees who use cigarettes, adding an additional surcharge on their monthly insurance premiums. However, switching to vaping doesn’t help. These companies still issue penalties to employees who use tobacco-free e-cigs. It begs the question:

Why should a nonsmoker pay a smoker’s fee?

Despite companies like this, there are a few other corporations that are vaper-friendly. As of January 2014, McDonald’s was permitting employees and customers to vape, both in restaurant break rooms and in corporate offices. In fact, many companies are encouraging smokers to switch to e-cigs, and are even incentivizing them with free …

Nicotine effects

What is Nicotine?
Many people have heard of nicotine; they know it is commonly found in tobacco cigarettes, but usually, that’s the extent of their knowledge. However, there is so much more to know about nicotine, a fascinating chemical compound. For example, nicotine is a substance that occurs in nature; it’s not some laboratory-made compound. Nicotine is something called an alkaloid, which means that it contains nitrogen atoms. Alkaloids can be found in many different kinds of living things such as plants, animals, bacteria and fungi. Some other alkaloids include caffeine, quinine, ephedrine and atropine.

Nicotine Effects in the Human Body
Nicotine in the Human Body
Nicotine makes its way through the body via the bloodstream. When a person smokes a cigarette and inhales the nicotine, the nicotine reaches the brain in around seven seconds. When the nicotine comes into contact with the brain, it causes the levels of several neurotransmitters to rise significantly. One of these neurotransmitters is dopamine, a substance associated with the reward system of the brain. Dopamine is famously known for causing things like relaxation, pleasure and addiction.

Nicotine doesn’t stay in the body very long; it only has a half-life of around two hours. As mentioned before, nicotine and caffeine are both alkaloids, which helps explain why these two chemicals have similar effects on people. Although nicotine sometimes gets a bad rap due to being an addictive stimulant, research has not shown any links between nicotine and cancer.

How Does Nicotine Affect People?
Although nicotine does not affect each person the same way, common nicotine effects reported by people who use tobacco products include mood change and weight loss. Nicotine is an unusual chemical; unlike other chemicals that either stimulate or sedate, nicotine can do both, depending on the amount ingested. Low doses of nicotine cause the liver to release glucose, the adrenal medulla to release adrenaline and the brain to become more sensitive to dopamine and norepinephrine; all of these things result in stimulation. Higher doses of nicotine make the brain more sensitive to serotonin and opiates, which creates a sedative effect. Smokers who want to experience nicotine’s stimulating effects take short, quick puffs while smokers who crave the sedation that nicotine can provide take long, deep puffs. Nicotine is also known for cutting down people’s appetites and stimulating their metabolisms, both of which tend to result in weight loss.

Addiction to Nicotine
Nicotine …